Spaceteam VR


A chaotic co-op party shouting game. Things might get heated but always work together as a Spaceteam! The ship's computer is out of control, your only chance of surviving longer than one sector is to shout technobabble at your friends! Try to follow the randomly generated, incorrectly assigned, sometimes impossible to pronounce instructions and steer your ship out of the path of a supernova. Complete enough instructions successfully and you will progress to the next sector, each more difficult and so the ship becomes harder to control. Dodge asteroids by shaking your maracas, clean up alien goop and disco dance like your life depends on it! Ways to play: VR MULTIPLAYER Up to 6 players, in any popular VR headset join in a co-op game trying to avoid their inevitable doom. FACE TO FACE Up to 6 players with at least 1 headset and connected smart devices, this feels much like the original Spaceteam game. SINGLE PLAYER In Practice Mode your Spaceteam will be 2 of our trusty robots!

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